Endowed With Human Flaws
Bitter Work
In The Silence Of His Voice
Warm And Fed
A Second Chance
Love Is A Trap
Player With Matches
To My Colorful Flower
Isn't It Great?..

Definition of Undefined

The Undefined


Jazz, grunge, alternative rock – thats The Undefined. Listen and enjoy it!
Finest grunge by finest jazz musicians.

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The Undefined Quartet is a band formed by the singer and composer Svitlana Varava in 2015. She founded the band in order to perform her own music, as well as toexplore jazz standards in a fresh and unique way. She chose the format of a quartet with guitar, instead of piano, partly because she wanted the band to have a different, more transparent sound, and partly because the sound of the guitar is what she grew up with in her youth, listening to grunge and classic rock. Svitlana's music is a very unique and personal mixture of those rock influences, acoustic sounds of singer-songwriters such as Joni Mitchell, and the harmonic complexity and improvisational aspect of jazz music, which she has been studying for the past 6 years. At the Jazz Department of the University for Music and Performing Arts Graz she met the guitarist Filip Pavić, double bass player Tobias Steinrück and drummer Szescő Szendrődy, whose versatility and personal sounds make them the perfect companions in making Svitlana's vision of music a reality. The band has been performing extensively around Graz and Austria.


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